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Bobas are chewy delicious black tapioca "pearls" that were created in Taiwan back in the 80's. They're considered one of the most popular ingredient to add to a flavored milk tea. They sit at the bottom of your cup and are consumed along with the beverage through wide straws.

About Our Tea

Green Tea
Subtle and light and made solely from tea leaves with minimal oxidation process, green tea is popular because it is easy to infuse with fruits and flowers to create a variety of flavors and scents. Try it with some tea jelly and honey.
Red Beans
Red Beans are one of the most traditional and popular ingredients when it comes to Chinese desserts. Adding red beans to pastries, drinks, or even make it into a sweet red bean soup is quite common when creating yummy Chinese desserts. Enhance your drink by adding red beans, put on shaved ice, or try a red bean smoothie.
Oolong Tea
At Aroma Corner, the oolong tea we use is High Mountain Oolong. Famous and exclusively from Taiwan, High Mountain Oolong has a unique fragrance and a stronger flavor. Give this classic Tea a try.
Flavored Jellies
They are cute, they are colorful, and they are delicious! Jelly squares made with a variety of flavors such as tea, coffee, lychee, and pineapple may be added to your drink to enhance your delicious drink dessert and make it...well... more fun and colorful!
Black Tea
The traditional milk tea uses this tea so the flavor would still shine through when complemented with milk and syrup. It has a stronger flavor when compared to green tea or oolong tea. Ask for a traditional milk tea with boba to give it a try.